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Japan Shikoku tourism guide – Chia sẻ kinh nghiệm du lịch Nhật Bản

Shikoku (四国, truly “four nations”) is Japan’s fourth biggest island, southwest of Japan’s fundamental island Honshu. Consistent with its name, Shikoku is isolated into four prefectures. Shikoku (四国, literally “four provinces”) is one of the five main islands of Japan. Shikoku is the second smallest main island after Okinawa. It is 225 km or 139.8 mi long and between 50 and 150 km or 31.1 and 93.2 mi wide. It has a population of 3.8 million (as of 2015, 3.1%). It is located south of Honshu and north east of Kyushu. Shikoku’s ancient names include Iyo-no-futana-shima (伊予之二名島), Iyo-shima (伊予島), and Futana-shima (二名島), and its current name refers to the four former provinces that made up the island: Awa, Tosa, Sanuki, and Iyo.

Top destinations in Shikoku
Naoshima (直島) is an island in the Seto Inland Sea that is known for its cutting edge craftsmanship exhibition halls, engineering and figures. Some portion of Kagawa Prefecture, the island with its Mediterranean climate, sandy sea shores and radiant climate, joined with a laid back, provincial feel is a loosening up escape from Japan’s huge urban regions, for example, Tokyo and Osaka.

Kotohira (琴平) is a humble community in

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